Is really GST applicable for Webmasters/Bloggers ?

GST QuestionsCategory: OthersIs really GST applicable for Webmasters/Bloggers ?
mvishnu asked 7 months ago

Some of my friends who earn from their websites have registered for GST. Even i found an article on gst for bloggers. I don’t think that website people do sell a good or services. Perhaps not most of them, like my friends, they get ton of traffic and create money by getting clicks on the adds. They did registered for GST, that doesn’t makes sense.

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manish answered 7 months ago

i am dinesh yadav , i own a grocery shop , i owe this shop since last 50 years, my records are maintained in registers. When GST came in existence , i got worried then i browsed and found an amazing blog GST login , which has helped me a lot and now i am GST ready.

jgaonkar answered 6 months ago

yes, if yearly turnover is beyond 20 Lakh everyone must register under GST.  check out

manish answered 6 months ago

I own a business and I went to register myself for GST. I have applied for aadhar card last month, I haven’t received anything yet. I have visited the aadhar card center and enquired about that but they were not able to figure it out why it is delayed. Then, I browsed and got this blog named as a step to check aadhaar status, It helped me a lot, they guided me step by step. 

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